"Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, legalised by music."

Probably the UK's most high-energy contra dance band, Vertical Expression is what happens when you take two English ceilidh musicians on fiddle and melodeon and put them with a guitar and double bass rhythm section with a love of bluegrass and gypsy jazz, throw in some old time music and foot percussion, a bit of French-Canadian one-row box, a few Irish fiddle tunes, some Django Reinhardt-style guitar, a bit of creativity and a lot of energy and fun...

Where you can dance to us next:


  • Saturday 14th May 2016 London Barndance Contra with caller Cis Hinkle
  • Sunday 15th May 2016 Leeds Contra with caller Cis Hinkle
  • 27th-30th May 2016 Chippenham Folk Festival
  • Saturday 24th September 2016 Leeds Contra with caller Lisa Heywood

  • Vertical Expression are:

    Charley Roberts - fiddle
    Ian Roberts - melodeons and feet
    Ian Benton - guitar
    Margaret Benton - double bass